The National Imaging Facility (NIF) provides state-of-the-art imaging of animals, plants and materials for the Australian research community. With a grid of imaging facilities (nodes in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia), NIF provides a range of leading-edge imaging instrumentation, plus advice and assistance in the optimal use of imaging to the research community. This includes access to five new flagship instruments, improved bioinformatics capability and existing instruments and capabilities.

Specifically, the NIF provides:


Director of Operations: Prof Graham Galloway

Prof Galloway is the Group Leader of the MR Imaging Group at the Centre for Magnetic Resonance (University of Queensland). Research interests include the use of in vivo Magnetic Resonance to investigate the action of and test the efficacy of pharmaceutical agents, novel applications for the use of Magnetic Resonance in physiological studies and material sciences, and in pushing the boundaries of the technology into new applications, and higher field strength. The use of MR in pharmaceutical research has been productive, with significant findings in the use of a new therapy for diabetes, the development of a model for the aging brain and the development of methodology for investigating cardiac function. Prof Galloway has also had involvement in projects using MR to investigate water movement into concrete, the mechanics of the knee and monitoring of knee injuries and the assessment of training protocols for improving athletic endurance and stamina.
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Operations Facilities Manager: Dr Michelle McCleary

Dr McCleary gained relevant administrative experience and organisational skills for the role of Operations Facilities Manager as First-Year Administrator and Tutor Coordinator within the School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences at the University of Queensland. Teaching skills include lecturing and course coordination of second level courses such as Spectroscopic Techniques (NMR) and Organic Chemistry (Griffith University). Previous to this role Dr McCleary held a position as a Research Officer in the Toth Medicinal Chemistry group improving oral delivery of peptide drugs.
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