The AMMRF is a joint venture between Australian university-based microscopy and microanalysis centres. It is a national grid of equipment, instrumentation and expertise, providing nanostructural characterisation capability and services to all areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology research.

Operating in nodes located in major capital cities (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Sydney) with links to smaller units in specialist facilities, the Facility provides access to a vast array of instrumentation. These include widely used optical, electron, X-ray and ion beam techniques and importantly, state-of-the-art flagship platforms that form world leading capabilities. Such capabilities include pulsed-laser local electrode atom probe, high-throughput cryo-electron tomography, high-resolution SEM and spectroscopy, high-precision ion probe and ultra-high resolution TEM platforms.

Flagship instruments
Via public and user fora and participation at national and international conferences, the AMMRF leadership has devised a future vision for this Facility that continues to provide Australian researchers with the state-of-the-art in nanostructural analysis.

By considering Australia's current and emerging scientific strengths and research goals, and research and technological trends overseas, this holistic vision encompasses the needs of the present and future users-community of the Facility. A specific portfolio of new-generation nanostructural analysis tools has been selected to meet the current and future demands for advanced characterisation.